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Clari Account Engagement Aims To Improve Remote Workforce Account Outreach

The Account Engagement solution from revenue operations platform Clari helps team leaders leverage account-level insights and diagnostics strategically, allowing them to identify risks and opportunities and deploy resources where necessary to win customers and grow their revenue while working remote.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

The solution provides remote marketers and salespeople with account-level AI insights, allowing team leaders to have a holistic view of their workforce’s interactions with their accounts. These AI insights help them align real-time executions with their go-to-market strategies, identify account risks and opportunities and increase customer base growth and retention.

These AI insights include:

  • An Account Heatmap designed to help users see account activity and determine which accounts are healthy or need attention;
  • Engagement KPIs which allow users to view meetings, emails and other engagement metrics across accounts to ensure their reps’ efficiency;
  • Territory coverage that tracks sales rep engagement with their owned accounts, allowing leaders to optimize territory distribution and make sure all accounts are receiving attention; and
  • Account whitespace designed to help users quickly identify accounts with no recent activity and prompt reps to engage.

Who It's For

The Account Engagement solution is designed for revenue teams in the operations, marketing, sales and customer success fields who can benefit from account engagement insights.

What Makes It Special

The solution combines CRM data signals with account activity signals from Clari’s time-series data hub, providing team leaders with a holistic view into the history of all accounts’ touchpoints for maximum engagement and revenue potential.


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