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Clearbit Releases Weekly Visitor Report 2.0

Clearbit is a marketing intelligence solution that helps B2B marketing and revenue teams activate their ICP so they can grow faster and smarter. Clearbit’s Weekly Visitor Report gives customers free access to an interactive dashboard of the companies visiting their site and this new version includes intent data, visitor tagging, sharing, filtering, channel analysis and more.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

The Weekly Visitor Report Version 2.0 aims to identify, track and take action on a company’s highest-intent prospects through:

  • Intent Data: Identifying prospects based on increases in week-over-week website activity to high-intent pages;
  • Company Profiles: Accessing more data points to qualify and take action on companies that meet customer’s ICP;
  • Prospect List: Tagging, tracking and sharing companies that users want sales to pursue;
  • Traffic Quality Data: Validating marketing efforts and spending by seeing firmographic breakdowns of traffic by channel; and
  • New Filters: Increasing focus by sorting or hiding by intent, customers, competitors, etc.

Who It's For

The Weekly Visitor Report tool is designed for marketing, growth and demand generation professionals looking to gain deeper insight into who’s visiting their website and alert sales when prospects are showing intent to increase conversions.

What It Solves

It seeks to eliminate pipeline FOMO by revealing which companies are ready to buy now, including companies interested in solutions and those visiting a company’s site that haven’t filled out a form to identify themselves.

What Makes It Special

The Weekly Visitor Report 2.0 de-anonymizes companies visiting a customer’s website and sends an interactive summary of the ones that visited the site the most.



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