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Dialpad Sell Aims To Modernize Phone Systems With Real-Time Coaching, Conversational Insights

Dialpad Sell Aims To Modernize Phone Systems With Real-Time Coaching, Conversational Insights Source: Dialpad

Dialpad’s new business phone system for modern sales teams, Dialpad Sell, is designed to improve calls as they happen by providing real-time coaching and conversational insights. These insights are aimed to help sales reps close more deals, make managers more efficient coaches and help sales teams be more productive.


In addition to providing voice, video and messaging capabilities across devices, Dialpad Sell aims to leverage the company’s Voice Intelligence (Vi™) technology developed in-house to transcribe calls, track customer sentiment, provide suggestions to questions and analyze conversations in real-time without having to install any software.

The product seeks to augment the in-call experience, while also providing the ability to search, share and learn from conversations post-call. The ability to access and analyze information in real-time may help reduce employee onboarding time, increase productivity and deliver amazing customer experiences to close and keep more business.


The solution is designed for modern sales organizations looking to empower their teams with the tools to make every conversation more effective, including inbound or outbound.


Dialpad Sell is designed to automatically sync with CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot, and other engagement tools like Outreach and Salesloft. The platform also offers native integrations with LinkedIn, Office 365, Slack and G Suite.


Dialpad Sell “Pro” pricing starts at $95 per month per user, which includes unlimited inbound minutes, 3,000 outbound minutes and no hidden fees.


Dialpad Sell is used by sales organizations at companies large and small. For Marketstar, Dialpad Sell reduced on-boarding times and increased rep productivity.


Dialpad Sell is the only speech recognition product designed to give customers visibility into what’s happening on a call in real-time so they can learn, course-correct and make adjustments in the moment.


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