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Drift Fastlane Aims To Qualify Webpage Leads For Real-Time Sales Conversations

The Fastlane solution from Drift helps users build a real-time chat experience that capitalizes on leads showing intent and qualifies them for optimized response times and faster engagement, driving higher quality pipeline faster.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Fastlane is designed to remove friction in the buying process by qualifying leads as they enter a website and starts real-time conversations with prospects while interest is at its highest. The solution analyzes the content of submitted web buyer forms, which allows users to score each potential lead and automatically connect with the highest quality leads for real-time conversations or to book future meetings.

Users can also reroute lower-scoring leads into nurture campaigns, allowing users to prioritize high-quality lead engagement for optimized workflows while future-proofing their pipeline with potential prospects.

Who It's For

The solution is designed for sales reps who are looking to increase their connection rate from lead follow-up with qualified buyers. Marketers looking to increase ROI by generating more qualified sales pipeline can also benefit from Fastlane’s qualified lead list.

What Makes It Special

Fastlane leverages Drift’s conversational marketing technology to analyze the content of lead form submissions, enrich the data, score leads and connect humans with high-scoring prospects immediately for instant conversations.