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Episerver Intelligence Cloud Aims To Personalize Content Recommendations

Episerver’s Intelligence Cloud is designed to provide B2B teams with personalized marketing and sales content analytics to help users maximize their content effectiveness and commerce revenue generation across digital channels.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

The Episerver Intelligence Cloud uses AI and machine-learning solutions to provide content and commerce analytics, allowing users to improve their digital content and merchandising strategies through the AI’s product and content recommendations. The platform’s automated content audits, content strategy guidance and content and product recommendations are personalized to the user, providing them with analytics tailored specifically to their product, website, content, etc.

The platform also has pre-built dashboards that display insights and analytics for both content and commerce use cases.

Who It’s For

The platform is designed for B2B and B2C commerce marketers.

What Makes It Special

The Episerver Intelligence Cloud personalization capabilities help provide marketers with the most relevant content and messaging recommendations based on a buyer’s needs and preferences, helping marketers understand their target audiences and create better content to engage them.


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