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KickFire SPARK Tracks Website Traffic For Improved Account-Level Engagement & Attribution

The KickFire SPARK solution from KickFire allows users to create company watchlists that identify when target accounts visit their website to show real-time buying intent. The solution aims to help users better engage at the account-level and find out which campaigns are driving high-traffic value.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

KickFire SPARK is designed to help users look beyond traditional website traffic metrics provided by most analytics tools and spend more time engaging key accounts to optimize their sales pipeline.

The solution allows users to build up to five target account watchlists using a SPARK tag in the solution’s dashboard and integrate them directly into their global headers or tag managers. This allows users to track target accounts as they visit their website and then attribute them to the campaign they arrive from. Users can measure the impact and value of their campaigns to manage their engagement at the account-level.

Additionally, users can add other team members using the same SPARK tag to track their target accounts or other campaigns, enabling multiple users/departments to create watchlists specific to their goals.

Who It's For

The solution is designed for B2B sales and marketing teams that focus specifically on account-level identification, which includes digital marketers, marketing managers, demand generation specialists, business development, account executives, sales managers, customer success roles, and any positions in which website engagement is important.

What Makes It Special

KickFire SPARK provides intent and IP address intelligence that helps identify account-level engagement across websites and gives users insights into what messaging and content their target accounts are responding to.


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