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Moxtra Works To Unify Business Collaboration & Customer Engagement

Collaboration and communication platform Moxtra is designed to unify multiple business teams and databases to provide continuous business collaboration that enables seamless and convenient engagement with buyers.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Moxtra Digital Branch is designed to integrate document management systems, CRMs, transaction management systems and more into a single platform for seamless collaborative conversations between teams and buyers. The solution aims to reduce organization issues and workloads while increasing buyer engagement.

The platform provides relationship management and engagement tools to help organize and manage client relationships at the buyer’s convenience, which include secure messaging, video meetings, screensharing, spotlight and visual annotations, cloud storage, virtual data rooms and more. Users can also track how internal business groups are interacting with buyers and measure their performance based on outcomes versus internal goals.

Who It's For

The platform is designed for enterprise, retail and event planning businesses looking to manage customer engagement and the responsiveness of business teams.

What Makes It Special

Moxtra designed the all-in-one platform to entice customers to engage with businesses at their convenience, while helping businesses deliver continuous and efficient services from anywhere, at any time.