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ORM Technologies Launches Optimized Marketing Platform To Enhance Customer Journey

ORM Technologies aims to make sales and marketing decisions easier by cutting through the clutter of data to hit revenue goals more reliably. ORM is a Marketing Performance Analytics platform that connects data from multiple sources to define the customer journey, analyze campaign results and predict the next moves.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

ORM's Optimized Marketing platform connects client’s marketing automation and CRM data to provide end-to-end marketing journey analytics. This solution analyzes the customer journey using multi-touch attribution and ROI analysis. It can also predict future pipeline and wins based on who customers are marketing to. ORM prescribed an optimal marketing mix, so buyers know what tactics to invest in and when to maximize their contributions to sales.

Who It's For

CMOs use ORM to demonstrate their contribution to the business and to guide their budget based on which marketing tactics work and which do not. Demand gen leaders also use ORM to see the detail of what campaigns are working and which aren't to make their decisions on what to do next, while Marketing Operators use ORM to potentially gain robust and repeatable reporting on marketing performance.

What It Solves

ORM's Optimized Marketing goal is to figure out what marketing campaigns and tactics are working and how to invest its next marketing dollar.

What Makes It Special

ORM is a team that brings together years of industry experience to try and push the boundaries of marketing analytics.


ORM Technologies

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