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QuotaPath Aims To Fix Broken Sales Compensation Strategies

QuotaPath is a sales commission planning and design tool designed to help companies automate and manage the sales compensation process, and fix broken sales compensation strategies.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

QuotaPath seeks to allow sales leaders and individual contributors to input data for answers to important questions like:

  • How many qualified opportunities do my team or I need to hit the quota?
  • How many activities do I need to secure 20 qualified opportunities?
  • How much revenue will 20 qualified opportunities bring in?

Who It's For

The tool is made for sales representatives, sales leaders, finance leaders and RevOps leaders.

What It Solves

QuotaPath was built to solve a problem the founders saw first-hand while growing their last company: Broken status quo compensation strategies, short-changing salespeople and weakening revenue growth.

What Makes It Special

Happy reps sell more, but 80% of companies report paying reps incorrectly. QuotaPath aims to motivate reps and avoids costly errors with well-designed compensation plans and automated commission tracking. In addition, there are no implementation fees and onboarding takes about two weeks, on average.



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