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Return Path Debuts Enhanced Email Optimization Platform To Improve Campaign Performance

Return Path SSReturn Path’s Email Optimization Platform is designed to give marketers new levels of insight to solve deliverability issues and improve email campaign performance. Features of this release include a Mission Control dashboard, ESP Connect and a new Deliverability Wizard.


The Mission Control dashboard gives marketers at-a-glance insights on campaign performance, allowing them to quickly view and act on the most critical issues.

Aimed at providing a holistic view of email marketing results, ESP Connect imports data from the company’s email service provider directly into Return Path’s Email Optimization platform

The key feature of the release, the Deliverability Wizard, is a solution that is designed to notify marketers about deliverability problems, and guides them through resolution.


Return Path’s next generation Email Optimization Platform is designed for email marketers from all verticals and industries.


ESP Connect integrates directly with the marketers’ email service provider, to provide customers with a holistic view of email marketing results by viewing their ESP data within the Email Optimization platform.


There is no additional cost for these features for current Return Path customers. As of June 6, when customers log in to their account, they will be prompted to opt into the new experience. Once opted in, they will be taken to the new dashboard.


More than 2,500 clients use Return Path’s Email Optimization Platform, including many of the world’s leading brands such as Groupon, Citrix, IHG and Publishers Clearing House.


The Deliverability Wizard is more than just a simple alerting system. Using highly sophisticated data science and modeling, it identifies deliverability problems as they’re happening, analyzes the root cause and pinpoints specific steps to resolve the issue.


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