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Return Path Launches Dynamic Optimization Feature Aimed To Enhance Email Deliverability

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Dynamic Optimization by Return Path is designed to help marketers improve their email marketing efforts by combining ESP data and AI to provide customized recommendations for boosting inbox placement and subscriber engagement.


The solution aims to address inbox issues through two main tools:

Sending Priority, whichis positioned toapply advanced analytics to a client’s ESP data in order to classify each subscriber based on engagement. The results generate customized recommendations on how to prioritize email sends for each segment in order to maximize positive engagement signals and improve overall inbox placement.  

Engagement Assurance, whichis designed to identify fatigued subscribers who should be temporarily suppressed from further email sends. It also aims to determine when suppressed subscribers should be added back to the active mailing list to decrease list churn, improve subscriber engagement and increased the lifetime value of subscribers.


Dynamic Optimization is intended for email marketers from all verticals and industries who are looking to enhance their current sending strategies using AI.


It is currently available for clients using both Return Path and Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The solution is positioned to integrate with a customer’s own ESP data, as well as Return Path’s recommendations via API and FTP. Integrations with other ESPs are slated for 2019.


Dynamic Optimization is included in the Return Path platform at no additional cost. The pricing of the platform is variable based on different solution and service options.


Return Path customers include Groupon, Cloudmark, Overstock and more.


Dynamic Optimization is an AI-powered solution designed to use a client’s own data coupled with advanced analytics to provide customized, actionable recommendations for solving email marketing issues. It aims to provide improved deliverability, better subscriber engagement and increased ROI from the email channel.


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