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TechnologyAdvice Aims To Help Users Identify Active Buyers With Lead Gen Solutions

B2B demand generation service provider TechnologyAdvice offers lead generation solutions to help B2B marketing technology businesses connect with buyers researching their products, engaging technology buyers via websites, emails and phone conversations every month.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

The TechnologyAdvice B2B media solutions help technology companies connect with buyers actively researching their product or service, generating demand and alleviating issues with campaign ROI, low pipeline, poor telemarketing experiences, and insufficient content. 

The company offers multiple ways to connect with technology buyers: 

  • Lead Generation: TechnologyAdvice uses its database of over 50 million verified business contacts plus the millions of yearly website visitors to connect technology companies with the right buyers at the right time. Choose from a wide variety of lead types, pricing models, and data solutions.
  • Digital Advertising: Widen your audience and increase brand awareness with industry-leading digital marketing tactics including display, pay-per-click traffic drivers, and native and custom content sponsorships.
  • Content Solutions: TechnologyAdvice understands how buyers make purchasing decisions. Combine their buyer knowledge with your product knowledge to create content that resonates. Choose from white papers, e-books, online events, or sponsored posts, and combine those with lead generation and content syndication tools. 

Who It’s For

The solutions are designed for B2B technology businesses looking to improve their demand generation strategies and improve their marketing opportunities.

What Makes It Special

TechnologyAdvice has a verified database of 50 million contacts, U.S.-based call centers, client success managers for each client, and industry-leading content solutions that ensure the quality of their demand generation solutions, ensuring the quality of the lead generation solutions and the database they draw from.