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Veloxy Aims To Improve Selling Activities Through AI-Driven Insights

AI-driven predictive sales-enablement platform Veloxy is designed to automate non-selling activities common in Salesforce CRM, providing sales professionals with extra selling time and an access-anywhere application to deliver customers the right information at the right time.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Veloxy is designed to eliminate non-selling activities and increasing the quantity and quality of selling activities, empowering teams with data-driven insights via artificial intelligence to increase the likelihood of closing more deals faster. The solution also enables sales teams to work from anywhere on any device no matter the situation, giving access to 40+ features across mobile, computer/tablet and any internet access, including: 

  • Email blasts and sales blitzes via mobile;
  • A geolocation feature for navigation and free prospect data downloading;
  • A 360-degree view of accounts for ABM;
  • AI-driven alerts on optimal follow-up times;
  • The ability to send personalized email marketing blasts from your inbox; and
  • Corporate one-to-one email blasts that bypass firewalls and filters.

Who It's For

Veloxy is designed for inside sales reps, field sales reps, sales managers and email marketers looking to optimize their selling processes and increase their productivity.

What Makes It Special

Veloxy is a one-in-three solution, all of which are integrated within Salesforce CRM to allow users to adopt their software for increased selling time increases and data insights that help sales teams exceed their quotas.


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