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Beaconstac’s QR Code Generator Seeks To Improve Customer Experience

Beaconstac is an online platform for creating and managing QR codes. Beaconstac’s primary solution, the QR Code Generator, is built for modern businesses, enabling users to create physical-digital experiences to collect first-party data and drive engagement. Beaconstac’s free QR Code Generator allows users to create and modify custom QR Codes for their brand to help its channel work in tandem with the company’s branding.

ON24 Announces New Innovations Across Its Entire Platform & HubSpot Integration

ON24, a digital experience platform, announced its latest product innovations, which include new ways to deliver more engagement, first-party data and personalization and ABM capabilities. Now sales and marketing teams can target individual buyers at specific companies with personalized messages and digital experiences. Additionally, ON24 engagement and conversation data is now available in HubSpot.

3 Tips For Building The Ideal RevOps Team

1cameaMany B2B businesses, particularly those in tech, are embracing the rise of revenue operations (RevOps). I waded through the operations trenches for 15 years and felt the impact of inadequate operations as a functional marketer and marketing leader — RevOps is a long-overdue change.

Are You Prepared To Enter The OOH World Of Advertising?

Whether it’s a pop-up that young singles in your area are looking to meet or a banner highlighting the different solutions to a problem you recently researched, advertisements are everywhere. And as the online space becomes more muddled and crowded with them, prospects are tuning them out — making it harder for marketers to capture their attention.

Mailgun Launches InboxReady To Improve Email Deliverability

Mailgun by Sinch is an email delivery service company that enables its customers to send, receive and track emails. Mailgun launched its InboxReady by Sinch program, which empowers enterprise marketers to improve email deliverability and optimize campaign performance. InboxReady is built to help marketers maximize the ROI of their email program and see where their emails will land before they send.

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