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SurveyMonkey Launches New Solutions For Improved Performance & Industry Insights

SurveyMonkey, provider of agile software solutions for customer experience, market research and survey feedback, released two Market Research solutions to help users monitor market shifts and fuel brand growth – Brand Tracker and Industry Tracker. The new solutions leverage artificial intelligence and machine-learning capabilities to help companies monitor brand and industry performance to uncover data insights for their clients.

G2 Hires Amanda Malko As New CMO

1MalkoG2, a peer-to-peer business and software review platform, announced Amanda Malko as its new CMO. In her new role, Malko will be responsible for driving the brand’s growth and deepening its relationships with buyers.

Airtable For Marketing Aims To Streamline Workflows For Increased Growth & Productivity

The Airtable For Marketing solution empowers marketing teams to drive business growth with increased agility, flexibility and scale, creating a single place for marketing teams to streamline content and campaign workflows, move quickly and drive business growth.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Airtable For Marketing combines business operational data from multiple sources in one unified location, which allows users to easily update information in real-time for streamlined workflows. Users can view their data in grid, calendar, Kanban, gallery and Gantt formats for improved visibility. Teams can also define and apply their own set of filters to the workflows to narrow down relevant information on current projects or campaigns.

The solution also allows teams to integrate their pre-existing and custom workflows in Airtable with the marketing tools and platforms they already use, such as Salesforce, Google Calendar, Hootsuite etc., for increased operational efficiency.

Additional capabilities include:

  • Airtable Sync, which allows marketers to adapt to business changes in real-time, reduces mistakes that happen when data is copied from multiple places and lets teams have better visibility into the information they need;
  • Asset Review that helps teams expedite their creative production process by providing feedback quickly and in the same place where content is planned, with a record of all the feedback in one place;
  • 50 Pre-built Airtable Apps that help create flexible, customized marketing workflows and allow users to analyze, enrich and act on data while creating charts, scheduling tasks, previewing content and more;
  • Airtable Automations, which help teams automate redundant tasks and push information out for boosted productivity and reduced friction; and
  • New and updated templates designed for common marketing use cases that helps teams get a jump start on their next project.

Who It's For

The solution is designed for marketers looking to streamline their content and campaign workflow management.

What Makes It Special

Airtable is built on top of a relational database that powers hundreds or thousands of users at a time, updating data in real-time and easily integrating with the tools marketers are already using.



4 Actions CSOs Must Take For Key Account Success

92713The global pandemic created unforeseen market disruptions and changes in B2B buyer behavior, including an increase in conservative customer decision making and a shift in strategic relationships between suppliers and customers. In fact, 41% of key B2B customers in a recent Gartner study reported that the economic implications of Covid-19 have significantly impacted their spending with strategic suppliers, with only 18% indicating a spending increase of more than 10% since January 2020.

The Technology & Strategies Driving New Wave Sales Enablement

The days of spray-and-pray initiatives have quickly become a thing of the past with the emergence of customer-centric, empathetic sales and marketing strategies. As customers desire more personalized experiences, sales teams are tasked with figuring out how to meet that need while still hitting their numbers.

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