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VisitIQ Brings Anonymous Tracking To Email

eTrigue-Logo-300dpi-RGBeTrigue announced the launch of VisitIQ, marketing software designed to help identify and connect the actions of anonymous web visitors to known prospects in real time.

Leveraging their current email marketing platforms, marketers can add links to email messages to automatically tie web activity — including page visits, duration on each page, document downloads, Google AdWords response and webinar attendance — to individual prospects.

“This is specifically designed for small businesses and other companies that just aren’t quite ready to take that next step to full-blown marketing automation,” said Jim Meyer, VP and General Manager of eTrigue, in an interview with Demand Gen Report. “Marketers can add a snippet of code to an email to provide rich tracking capabilities without the expense or complexity of marketing automation.”

Meyer explained that VisitIQ is positioned to help marketers target prospects more effectively by creating digital biographies of individual prospects.

Key features of VisitIQ include:

Anonymous Visitor Tracking: VisitIQ identifies companies, geographies, and records every visitor’s individual web activity from their first visit to your web site. Once a visitor clicks on a VisitIQ email link, their anonymous visit history is automatically appended to their personal contact information.

Prospect Activity Tracking: Once a VisitIQ link is clicked in an email, the software monitors prospect activity — including web page views, time on page, webinar participation and Google AdWords clicks.

Real-Time Lead Alerts: Real-time lead alerts intend to deliver a detailed prospect snapshot via email to sales personnel. Data includes the pages viewed and asset downloads.

Google AdWords and Search Terms: Google AdWords tracking can provide insight into which AdWords clicks result in qualified leads, opportunities, and new customers. As a result, marketers can identify and adjust AdWords bids to improve results and optimize spend.

Webinar Marketing: VisitIQ includes the ability to synchronize event data with WebEx and GoToWebinar. Registration information and timed attendance data are automatically added to the appropriate prospect record.


A 30-day free trial of VisitIQ is available by using coupon code 30daysfree at the VisitIQ subscription page.