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ON24 Unveils New Promotion And Lead Qualification Tools

On24 logoON24 announced the launch of Webcast Elite Marketing Edition, a suite of new tools and features designed to help B2B marketers promote their webinars and qualify leads..

Webcast Elite Marketing Edition includes ON24’s Integration Service, which intends to connect user webcasting, CRM and marketing automation solutions to boost demand generation and lead nurturing capabilities.

Other new features include:

  • A new Webcast Elite Portal, which can offer one-click publishing of both live and on-demand webinars to enhance promotion, reach and ROI; and
  • New trend analytics that can help measure webinar performance with actionable intelligence from five separate trend reports.


“The launch of our Marketing Edition illustrates our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of today’s marketer,” said Tom Masotto, VP of Product Marketing and Business Development at ON24.  “With ON24’s webinar-based platform, marketing professionals can optimize demand generation, enhance lead qualification, and accelerate sales pipeline opportunities.”