Salesfusion Partners With InsideView To Enrich Lead Data

salesfusion-insideview logosSalesfusion has released a new lead enrichment feature designed to help marketers gather more complete information on leads. Through a partnership with InsideView, data from the InsideView Open platform will automatically populate chosen lead records in Salesfusion and any integrated external CRM. 

The feature, Salesfusion Enrich, is available at no cost to Salesfusion customers beginning early Q4 2014.

Salesfusion Enrich queries InsideView’s database when a lead registers at a company’s web site, adding firmographics such as address, industry and title to their contact record. 

"By enhancing the depth of a lead record, marketers can initiate more personalized campaigns without having to research prospects," said Christian Nahas, CEO of Salesfusion, in an interview with Demand Gen Report.

“This solves a pretty big problem for marketers,” Nahas said. “This partnership allows our customers and our internal team — we use InsideView as well — to enrich a record with 24 pieces of data when we have a first name, last name and email address.”

Enriched lead data also improves qualification, trend analysis and segmentation, Nahas noted. Sales reps can further enhance leads in their CRM or Salesfusion database by clicking the InsideView enrich data option from within an existing record. 

“Easy access to prospect information is critical to marketers,” said Brian Kelly, CMO at InsideView.  “We solve this problem by automatically giving marketers the lead data they need to convert more leads and create targeted programs.”  

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