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Most B2B Marketers Are Adopting Sophisticated Lead Nurturing Tactics

generic market research imageWhile lead nurturing is becoming a bigger priority as of late, it is still a relatively new tactic for many B2B marketers.  Preliminary results of Demand Gen Report’s Lead Nurturing Survey revealed that 38% of respondents so far have been developing lead nurturing campaigns for less than a year.

Those that are using lead nurturing are becoming more sophisticated in their tactics, with the overwhelming majority going beyond the traditional “drip” campaign. Nearly three quarters (73%) of respondents to date have complex lead nurturing strategies, sending different series of emails based on the actions/interests of the respondent.

Respondents cited targeted content by buyer stages/interest as the top challenge of developing a lead nurturing program.

When it comes to measuring the success of lead nurturing programs, lead volume in the sales pipeline is the most frequently cited metric so far.

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