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Subscribe Boosts AdWord Ratings, Click-Through Rates With Trustpilot

Rev-Trustpilot case studyPeer recommendations are growing much more valuable in today’s B2B buying world. In response, B2B companies are beginning to find value in review systems, which can offer deep insights into how customers are leveraging their solutions or services., an online audio transcription and document translation services provider, tapped Trustpilot to begin developing a way to enhance the overall value of customer reviews on the company’s services — while also growing their organic and paid search presence. The partnership led to 12% lift in click-through rates, and an increase in star ratings for AdWords placements.

About one year after implementing Trustpilot, had 2,000 positive verified reviews and a Google seller rating close to five stars, which displays in all of their AdWords ads. has also seen a noticeable lift in conversion rates and brand credibility.

“We chose Trustpilot because it made the review process turnkey,” said Mark Chen, co-Founder and VP of Product at, in an interview with Demand Gen Report. “We integrated, and everything was built into the Trustpilot platform. It saves us a lot of time and resources, and on the flipside we are gaining credible reviews and lesser fight with spam comment accounts.”

Prior to implementing the Trustpilot platform, was using a solution that was preventing the company from becoming a licensed partner with Google. This was having a negative impact on AdWords ratings — ultimately damaging the company’s credibility and its ability to fully leverage paid search. Also, false reviews were plaguing the older system, which cost time and resources to remove. decided that it needed an online review platform that could collect credible customer reviews at scale. Trustpilot was chosen thanks to its turnkey design to automatically email review requests to new customers, while also providing tools to have the reviews displayed in organic and paid search to enhance brand credibility.

The insights provided by Trustpilot customer reviews have helped understand and acquire new customers, according to Chen. “Customer reviews are another touch point with the prospective customer, and it's with a third-party that they may feel more comfortable sharing accurate responses.”

Chen added: “The ease of which our customers can provide feedback is extremely straightforward. In return, we receive a large quantity of feedback, which in turn produces high quality data for our marketing and sales team.”