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Demand Generation


This section highlight automation  and enablement tools, features, functionality, tactics and strategies to optimize demand generation.


Webinar: Leveraging Data, Predictive Lead Scoring To Boost Revenue

MintigoSmartbearLead scoring is an essential process in today’s B2B marketing landscape. However, marketers face challenges when it comes to analyzing leads and confidently scoring their potential value to the company.

These hurdles were discussed in a recent webinar in which representatives from Mintigo and SmartBear Software talked about how predictive lead scoring could be the answer to many of these pain points and in turn, help boost revenue.

C2C14 Demand Generation 2.0 Track: Measuring Content Effectiveness To Drive Demand

C2CLogo TripIn a world in which 80% of companies have a content marketing initiative in place, simply doing content marketing is not an effective demand generation strategy. That was the message of Trip Kucera, VP & CMO-in-Residence, Harte Hanks Content & Data Solutions/Aberdeen Group, as he kicked off the Demand Generation Summit 2.0 track of the 2014 B2B Content2Conversion Conference.

The need to measure the effectiveness of content to drive demand was a pervasive theme at the conference. Honing content and strategies for the next generation of lead nurturing was another topic covered by several speakers at this year’s event.

Webinar: Data Scientists Playing Key Role In Sales Performance

webinars shutterstock 134249441There is still a disconnect throughout the buying process, in which prospects are showing reluctance to connect directly with the sales team and move directly forward with the “last mile” of the sale.

Progressive companies understand that this gap can only be filled by advanced analytics and mobile tools geared specifically for today’salways-on selling environment.

Three Factors To Successful Email Marketing: Relevant Content, Timing And Frequency

email marketing shutterstock 106733003Despite rumors of the death of email, it remains a significantly more effective way to acquire customers than social media — nearly 40 times that of Facebook and Twitter combined, according to research from McKinsey & Co.

Like all of the tools in the B2B marketer’s arsenal, email marketing is driven by data. Data helps ensure that email campaigns align with the pain points and interests of prospects and customers. If you touch a nerve, the email is more likely to get opened.

HP Execs Map Out Marketing Plan For Partners

HP-logo-300x300This story originally appeared in Demand Gen Report's sister publication, Channel Marketer Report.

HP is in the midst of a five-year transition— with the channel being at the heart of the process. Over the past year, the company has focused on three core pillars to increase partner engagement and success: Simplicity, profitability and predictability.

Now venturing into its third year of its five-year plan, HP has transformed its PartnerOne program and is working toward making its channel marketing initiatives competitive differentiators for the company as a whole.

Survey: More Than Half Of Companies Report Lead Generation Efforts Falling Short

Research stock imageMore than half (58%) of companies find that their lead generation efforts are falling short, according to a lead generation survey conducted by Demand Metric and released by Salesfusion.

The online survey was based on more than 200 responses from small and mid-size companies. The study also highlights that the most common approaches for generating leads included email marketing (78%), tradeshow or event marketing (73%), and content marketing (67%).

Avention Hits The Target For Exakt Marketing

Avention Exakt Marketing logosExakt Marketing provides marketing services across a number of sectors, including restaurant and hospitality, higher education, associations, professional services, health and fitness, and event and conference marketing. As such, the agency relies heavily on its database solution to uncover new sales leads in each of these markets.

With its headquarters in Tampa, Fla., and new locations in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and Charlotte, N.C., Exakt Marketing was looking to broaden its reach. However, the company found that its expansion efforts were being hampered by poor data and a lack of vital information needed to uncover new sales opportunities.

Webinar: Mixing “Always-On” Channels And Retargeting To Boost Lead Nurturing

webinars shutterstock 134249441Marketers are always looking to generate more leads, but many leads don’t receive sufficient nurturing to realize their full potential.

In a recent webinar, titled Always-On” Marketing: Reaching Prospects Anywhere With Display Advertising And Marketing Automation, representatives from Bizo highlighted reasons why lead nurturing is a necessity for B2B marketers and outlined techniques to boost nurture performance.

LearnPad Sees A 26x Growth In Marketing-Qualified Lead With Act-On

Act-On-LeapadLearnPad, a provider of educational tablet solutions and digital content, experienced a 26x growth in marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) after implementing cloud-based marketing automation technology from Act-On Software.

LearnPad had already been using an email marketing solution to manage its email campaigns, but lead quality and quantity were not meeting expectations, according to company executives. They needed a more dynamic, responsive marketing engine that could scale quickly and efficiently to their marketing efforts, and could be managed by a small marketing team.