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Categorized in two ways – by Type and by Topic – the Resource Center offers access to webinar coverage, white papers, E-books, Infographics and more. Looking for the latest custom content covering marketing automation, lead scoring or nurturing? This is where you’ll find it!

How To Sell Across The Sales Cycle

Top sellers are at the top for a reason: They have specific, tactical skills they employ across thesales cycle, and have higher win rates, meet their sales goals and achieve premium pricing. This infographic summarizes sales research that shows what top performers do differently.

Practical ABM Methodologies To Beat The Odds In 2024

Aires: October 19, 2023 @ 2 PM ET / 11 AM PT Marketers are currently faced with the challenge of achieving more with fewer resources and smaller teams. So, what are the best practices to succeed? Join Jodi Cerretani, VP of Revenue Marketing, to discuss market trends and leverage ABM plays to maximize your efficiency and ROI. In this session, you…

State Of Intent/Signal Data: The Infusion Of AI & Internal Collaboration

Intent and signal data are nearly synonymous with B2B marketing, serving as the fuel to power hyper-personalized, highly targeted campaigns. These data sources are crucial in de-anonymizing stealth buyers, who prefer to research solutions and platforms independently before reaching out to a sales rep. Factor in the impending privacy regulations that are set to change the way organizations can collect…

State Of Audio/Video Marketing: B2B Companies Unleash A New Era Of Storytelling & Business Growth

As the digital landscape expands, B2B marketers are leveraging the power of audio and video (A/V) content to forge deeper connections, cultivate brand loyalty and drive unprecedented growth. In fact, 89% of marketers plan to increase their audio content utilization in the coming year, while 70% consider video the most effective medium for conversions. Embracing the dynamic A/V duo empowers…

How To Test A Message Before Launch

Before deploying new messaging, it’s essential that organizations test and iterate on it to ensure it resonates. This infographic outlines the four steps needed confirm that messaging is ready to launch.

2023 Lead Nurturing & Acceleration Benchmark Survey: The Power Of Leveraging Multiple Campaigns & Touches

Lead nurturing is an intricate puzzle that’s compounded every day by a series of outside influences. As organizations walk the tightrope of mass layoffs and tightening budgets, it’s clear that effectively nurturing leads is becoming more challenging. As indicated in the “2023 Lead Nurturing Benchmark Survey,” 43% of marketers believed their lead nurturing strategies needed improvement, while only 31% rated…

Marketing Vs. Branding

Marketing and branding are often used interchangeably, but there are key differences between the two. This infographic highlights the distinct nature of each.

What’s Working In Content Marketing? AI-Generated Content Streamlining Workflows; Orgs Refining Segmentation

B2B buyers are five times more likely to engage with content than traditional sales outreach, but an oversaturated landscape makes creating engaging and unique content easier said than done. Luckily, the latest advancements in AI — specifically, generative AI — are helping marketers streamline content creation and curate highly relevant assets quicker. This special report will explore the content preferences…
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