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Categorized in two ways – by Type and by Topic – the Resource Center offers access to webinar coverage, white papers, E-books, Infographics and more. Looking for the latest custom content covering marketing automation, lead scoring or nurturing? This is where you’ll find it!

2022 State Of ABM: Account-Based Strategies Continue Experiential Evolution

The continuous evolution of ABM best practices presents a unique challenge for B2B marketers. While ABM is beyond its infancy — according to ITSMA, almost 50% of all ABM programs are in the "expanding" or "embedded" stage — marketing teams are still learning how to ease growing pains. ABM practitioners are turning to campaign customization to better identify accounts where they are to…

Refining Event Offerings & Content To Promote Community Engagement

It's clear that event software and management has changed drastically in this new world. Conference attendees saw firsthand the convenience and affordability of attending virtual conferences when most events moved online in the throes of the Covid-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, brands realized they could host events at a lower cost while reaching a wider audience — in terms of speakers and…

Landing Page Best Practices

Whether you’re looking for ways to optimize your landing pages or hoping to learn some of the industry’s best practices, this infographic provides tips and tricks to help maximize landing page conversions.

Advanced Tips For Predicting & Preventing Customer Churn

Customer churn is very costly for B2B businesses, so it’s imperative practitioners understand what their churn rate is and how to reduce it. This infographic identifies how to calculate churn by covering five major customer churn problems.

How To Power Up Your First-Party Data Strategy

In a world where prospects worry about privacy and third-party cookies are gone, first-party intent data is a marketer's new best friend — and it already exists in-house whether or not they're collecting and utilizing it. First-party intent data highlights behavioral signals by focusing on the information captured from marketers' own website and channels. When properly collected, stored and acted…

How Conversational AI Can Help Increase Conversions

With the help of conversational AI, marketers can speed up lead engagement, identify bad leads, enable around-the-clock availability and shorten the sales cycle. This infographic dives into those four uses of AI and explores the future of Conversational AI.

What’s Working In Partner Marketing?

The sweet spot for partner marketing is a smaller and faster moving target than ever before. To ensure that their marketing messages are broadcast through wider channel ecosystems, top brands are investing in campaign-amplifying tools, technologies and services. Throughout this report, we'll discuss emerging strategies for implementing effective partner marketing initiatives, including: Identifying and engaging partners more ready to participate…

The Real Cost Of Corporate Gifting

When it comes to your marketing efforts, you might be surprised to hear that not only does corporate gifting cost less than you think, but it can also have an impressive ROI. Check out this guide to find out how you can use direct mail and gifting alongside your digital channels to gain a competitive advantage. You'll find how to…

2022 State Of Integrated Marketing: Leveraging Technology To Orchestrate Cohesive, Multichannel Campaigns

Integrated marketing campaigns are no longer aspirational. They are the norm. But these types of campaigns require careful consideration and coordination. This special report highlights the current state of integrated marketing and spotlights the practitioners who are successfully leveraging this strategy. Specific discussion topics include: The tools and techniques needed to analyze and collect data from multiple channels; The increasingly…
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