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Relationship Equity: Securing Scalable Client Relationship MGT Strat in Financial Services

As financial services advisors and investment brokers need more and better data on their clients and prospects, they are increasingly turning to relationship management tools to help run their businesses and manage new leads. Download this E-book to access best practice insights from thought leaders in the relationship management space, as well as real-world customer examples of how progressive financial…

A Building Block Approach To Engagement Marketing

To be successful in today's highly interactive and social environment, marketers need to collect and analyze information about prospective buyers. Rather than attack prospects with information they don't want or need, companies should take a step back, observe prospects' behavior and respond in a timely fashion with relevant information. Marketing automation can help companies create successful conversational marketing campaigns.You'll Learn:…

Avoiding the Lead Gen Tradeoff

Strategies To Improve Web Form Conversions Without Sacrificing Lead Quality Data for Your Company Your guide to increasing conversions with shorter forms...without losing valuable data Learn about Real-Time ID of your B2B web traffic Increase conversions with enhanced, standardized data quality at point of entry Better data in and other CRM systems Improved lead distribution and lead scoring Download…

The CRM Flex Test

A 5-Point Checklist to Find the Right Mix of Features, Delivery and Deployment Options that Meet Today’s Evolving Business NeedsAs more companies turn to flexible CRM solutions, like Cloud-based, on-demand options, there’s greater control over customization, integration, data ownership and security capabilities. Download “The CRM Flex Test” now for learn more about these and other turnkey solutions, including a 5-Point…

Quintessential Marketing Automation Guidebook

Manticore Technology delivers the Quintessential Marketing Automation Guidebook. Hear from 9 of today's most respected marketing and sales thought leaders on how to harness the power of marketing automation to effectively manage your marketing funnel. Download now.

The New Revenue Engine

Learn how leading B2B marketers are improving efficiency and effectiveness by building shared sales and marketing machines. Download “The New Revenue Engine” eBook for insights into best practices to:Ø Lower Customer Acquisition CostsØ Reduced Wasteful SpendingØ More Predictability in Sales Forecasts Ø Greater Pipeline Stability Download eBook.

A Roadmap to Seamless CRM Execution

Download this new eBook to learn how leading companies have increased sales by providing their sales force with information about customer trends, and also enhanced customer service by enabling the company to be more responsive to customer needs through the implementation or upgrade of customer management systems and processes. Download sample page here. The key areas covered in the paper…