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The Infographic Design Report: Trends To Try In 2023

Infographics provide a succinct, visual way to convey complex information, but it’s important that marketers remain up to date on the latest design trends. This infographic reveals the top design predictions for 2023.

Content Curation: What Does It Mean?

B2B buyers know the importance of creating their own assets, but they’re also tasked with curating content — but often don’t understand what ‘curation’ means. This infographic uncovers the meaning of content curation and its key benefits.

Most Popular Search Terms

The first step in the B2B’s buyer journey is conducting anonymous research prior to connecting with a sales rep. To help organizations better connect with that unknown cohort, this infographic outlines the most common terms that folks use when searching for products to help business SEO-optimize their websites.

Jobs Of The Future

It’s no secret that the job market is clearly in turmoil amidst wide-spread tech layoffs and the great resignation. This infographic uncovers the changing work environment and what it means for organizations.

Microlearning Is The Future Of Workplace Training

Microlearning is a technology-based or -enhanced form of training that seeks to break down complex topics into more bite-sized, easy-to-consume units. This infographic breaks down the principles of microlearning to help organizations leverage the strategy in their internal training.

SEO Vs. Social Media: The 9 Big Differences & What Works Where

Social media and SEO are critical components of modern content marketers’ strategies, and it’s easy to merge the two into one initiative. However, this infographic breaks down the differences and similarities of SEO and social media to paint a clear picture of where each strategy should be applied.

The Ultimate Website Checklist

Whether you’re designing your website for the first time or refreshing your branding, there are several factors you need to take under consideration. This infographic seeks to provide a checklist of everything you need for your website to be successful.

An Overview Of Nostalgia Marketing & Its Benefits

Nostalgia — a longing for the past — is a powerful force. Studies in the Journal of Consumer Research (JCR) showed that buyers prefer brands that provide a nostalgic feeling, but another JCR study revealed that patience diminishes when those experiences feel forced or repeated. This infographic outlines the benefits…