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Landing Page Best Practices

Whether you’re looking for ways to optimize your landing pages or hoping to learn some of the industry’s best practices, this infographic provides tips and tricks to help maximize landing page conversions.

Advanced Tips For Predicting & Preventing Customer Churn

Customer churn is very costly for B2B businesses, so it’s imperative practitioners understand what their churn rate is and how to reduce it. This infographic identifies how to calculate churn by covering five major customer churn problems.

How Conversational AI Can Help Increase Conversions

With the help of conversational AI, marketers can speed up lead engagement, identify bad leads, enable around-the-clock availability and shorten the sales cycle. This infographic dives into those four uses of AI and explores the future of Conversational AI.

Marketers On The Metaverse

The metaverse, cryptocurrency and NFTs are everywhere — but what potential do they hold for B2B marketers? This survey-based infographic explores marketers’ understanding of the latest tech trends, the current state of adoption and where the future of technology is headed.

5 Steps To Empower Your Sales Team With Content Experiences

The sales and marketing disconnect often leads to disjointed brand communication, meaning it’s imperative that marketers create content that aligns with their needs and goals of their sales team. This infographic explores how sales leaders are using content and their key pain points in the process.

Data Collection In A Post-Cookie World

With relatively new regulations implemented by big tech companies increasingly limiting the use of cookies and tags that enable advertisers to track prospects’ online behaviors, this infographic explores how marketers can protect buyer privacy without sacrificing data quality.

7 Perks Of Sales & Marketing Alignment

Getting marketing and sales teams on the same page often feels like herding cats — but it’s a necessary obstacle organizations must cross. This infographic examines seven perks of marketing and sales alignment, backed by relevant data points.