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Spinning the Spend: Maximizing Control Over Budget Allocation

While marketers were already being asked to demonstrate the ROI of their investments, they are now being challenged to show their direct contribution top-line revenue. Given the increased scrutiny on revenue generation, marketers are quickly shifting their attention from impressions and leads to opportunities and closed deals. In this new paradigm, measurement is critical as marketers need to identify inefficiencies…

Forrester Research: Interactive Marketing Forecast 09 - 14

Acccording to Forrester’s March 2009 US Interactive Marketing Forecast Online Survey, interactive marketing will near $55 billion and represent 21% of all marketing spend in 2014 as marketers shift dollars away from traditional media and toward search marketing, display advertising, email marketing, social media, and mobile marketing. See below to download the full report and access the other insights that…

Find Active Sales Cycles

Budgets are tight and cycles longer, but companies are still buying. Don't miss active sales cycles! Download your free copy of IDC's brief, sponsored by BAO - "Improving Sales Productivity." * Longer sales cycles * Buyers' requirements of sellers * More frequent "No-Decision" losses * Challenges in demand-generationDownload Now

How do you Score?

Download the Silverpop Vtrenz benchmark study of Lead Management practices so you can compare your lead management program results with industry averages. Silverpop analyzed data from 250 business-to-business companies to uncover key measurements of successful campaigns. Download Here.