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Sales Enablement

Marketers today are tasked with shepherding leads through all stages of the funnel, and that means developing strategies to help salespeople have more productive conversations with buyers. This section spotlights tools for increasing sales productivity.

Seismic Unveils Additional Capabilities Within ‘Aura’ Release

Seismic, a sales enablement platform provider, revealed more details of its new AI engine, Seismic Aura. With access to various in-platform and third-party data, Aura seeks to provide sellers with intelligent recommendations on how to effectively engage with buyers, advance deals and uncover new opportunities.

The Technology & Strategies Driving New Wave Sales Enablement

The days of spray-and-pray initiatives have quickly become a thing of the past with the emergence of customer-centric, empathetic sales and marketing strategies. As customers desire more personalized experiences, sales teams are tasked with figuring out how to meet that need while still hitting their numbers.
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