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HubSpot Acquires Chime And PrepWork For Bottom-Of-The-Funnel Interactions

HubSpot LogoHubSpot yesterday announced the acquisition of startups Chime, a notification aggregator, and PrepWork, a calendar app.

Chime created Chrome plug-in that enables users to receive social media notifications via their browser while PrepWork constructed a platform which syncs with a user’s calendar to offer relevant, contextual information to offer insights to those on a meeting.

“Both Chime and PrepWork have created products that make bottom-of-the-funnel interactions fundamentally more human, and that’s paramount to us as we think about the next generation of marketing and our product,” according to HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan. “Personalizing and humanizing the customer’s journey is critical to our mission, and both of these companies deliver upon that promise.”

“The addition of Chime and PrepWork gives us deeper knowledge and assets to convert qualified leads into customers,” added Halligan. “[Both companies] ultimately built and brought to market successful products that solved for customer needs. That dedication to the customer is core to what we do at HubSpot, and we love that both companies set out to solve for a market need and worked furiously to deliver upon it. Replacing loud, interruptive advertising with engaging and personalized marketing efforts is inherently linked to understanding how consumers live.”

In February 2013, HubSpot announced an 82% annual revenue growth, with revenue from HubSpot's inbound marketing software and services reaching $52.5 million.