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This section provides insights from some of the most prominent industry thought leaders in the space.

How Email Marketing Innovations Will Impact Brand Strategies

Email: An endlessly reliable channel for marketers of every stripe. For years, marketers have counted on email as the channel with the highest ROI (an average of $36 per dollar spent). The future looks bright for email, with the global marketing email market expected to hurtle toward a $17.9 billion…

So, You’ve Inherited A Martech Stack: Now What?

In today's competitive landscape, organizations are continuously seeking strategies that maximize long-term value while containing costs. New marketing leaders — particularly CMOs — face the challenge of minimizing the cost of ever-growing tech tools without a full view of their organizations’ needs. This is often referred to as the "Inheritance…

Using The Right Data To Beat Analysis Paralysis

The concept of data-driven marketing promotes the idea that more information leads to better results. But while data is certainly crucial to informing impactful marketing strategies in the digital age, focusing on the wrong numbers is deeply counterproductive. And with nearly 329 million terabytes of data being created every single…

The Role Of Behavioral Targeting Signals In Direct Response Marketing

The first audience that most advertisers work with is their own website visitors. After all, retargeting campaigns perform better when a high concentration of traffic comes from high-value search keywords or newsletter clicks. This is true because customer data-driven audiences and retargeting audiences are one in the same. 
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