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3 Ways Generative AI Can Drive More Sales In Customer Interactions

The AI revolution within customer experience (CX) is already upon us. Brands across industries are implementing generative AI solutions into their customer service programs, with astounding results. In fact, Gartner now predicts that automation will reduce human agent workload by upwards of 30% by 2026, while McKinsey puts that number…

5 Traits That Make Sales Professionals Ideal CEOs

When we think of CEOs, we don’t always associate the position with a background in sales, but it’s more common than you think. According to “The Chief Marketing Officer Matters,” more than 25% of CEOs started with a marketing and sales background. Many of the most influential CEOs today, from…

Leveraging Data & Personalization In B2B Marketing: Driving Success With ABM

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, B2B marketing has experienced a significant transformation. As businesses increasingly rely on remote interactions and digital channels, marketers must adapt their strategies to engage and convert target accounts effectively. A key approach to achieving this is with data-driven, multichannel, account-based marketing (ABM). By leveraging…
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