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B2BMX 2018 Day 3 Video Recap

Day three's recap featured a discussion of the Netflix effect on buyer engagement, the Killer Content Awards ceremony, and what to expect from keynote speaker James Taylor.

B2BMX 2018 Day 2 Video Recap

During the recap for day two, Brian Aderson and Klaudia Tirico discussed the keynote speech from author Brian Solis and the human-centered view of the buyer.

Killer Content Showcase Series: Grant Thornton

During an Interview with Demand Gen Report, Amanda Fildes, Marketing Director and Head of Content at Grant Thornton, shared how the organization established its strategy for the “Political Pulse” campaign. Additionally, Amanda Fildes discusses how Grant Thorton applies the“test and learn”…

Killer Content Showcase Series: Alex Schutte, Paycor

During an interview with Demand Gen Report, Alex Schutte, Principal Digital Marketing Strategist at Paycor, shared a step-by-step process of how he and his team incorporated interactive content into their go-to-market strategy. Additionally, Shutte shared how to maximize the overall…

Technology Fueling The B2B Engagement Economy

During an interview with Demand Gen Report, Marketo CEO Steve Lucas shares his thoughts on the company’s positioning in the B2B tech space, as well as how he sees the future of AI playing out to help marketers deliver the…

The Evolution Of ABM With #FlipMyFunnel

At the #FlipMyFunnel event in Boston on August 11, Demand Gen Report’s Andrew Gaffney and Terminus’ Co-founder & CMO Sangram Vajre met up to discuss how the event has grown over the past year. Vajre also discusses the growth of…
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