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Content Strategies

Relevant, targeted content is critical to engage prospects. This section highlights various messaging tactics throughout the buying cycle.

CatapultX Aims To Leverage On-Stream Technology To Eliminate Ad Disruption

CatapultX is an audience engagement technology company known for its On-Stream™ Video Monetization and Contextual AI Platform. The On-Stream platform is designed to harness AI to power non-interruptive video ads integrated directly within video content to drive maximum results for advertisers and publishers.

Jotform Announces New Partnership & Widget Integrations With Loom

Jotform, an online forms SaaS solution, partnered up with Loom, a video messaging and collaboration tool, to streamline asynchronous communication and provide visual information for teams. Two new widgets, Loom Video Embed and Loom Video Recorder were designed to enhance visual communication and create a more personal feel to the…

Casted Insights Seeks To Enhance Audio & Video Content

Casted is a podcast and video marketing platform designed for B2B marketers. The company released Casted Insights, a solution aimed to help empower marketing and revenue teams with account-level contact information and actionable engagement data across audio and video content.

Gong Forecast Aims To Deliver Sales Accuracy Based On Reality

Gong, a revenue intelligence platform for B2B sales teams, launched a reality-based sales forecast platform designed to deliver revenue predictability by providing a complete picture of deal health and pipeline risk based on customer interactions. Gong Forecast aims to help go-to-market teams increase productivity and efficiency.
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