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Revenue Strategies

B2B marketers need to make measurable and repeatable contributions to influence pipeline performance and help close business. This section highlights news, announcements and advancements in revenue performance management.

A Roadmap To Speed Revenue Gains For ABM Leaders

For most marketers — particularly those at large, enterprise organizations — investments in ABM require a leap of faith because although they recognize its importance, many programs simply don’t deliver significant, measurable results. But there’s a data-driven roadmap to elevate ABM into a consistent, dependable source of growth. In fact, just a handful of proven best practices spanning collaboration, data management and channel orchestration can transform promise into concrete reality. Appoints Mariana Prado Cogan As CMO, a RevOps and Intelligence (RO&I) platform, named Mariana Prado Cogan as its Chief Marketing Officer. In her new role, Cogan will help scale GTM efforts to expand the company’s RO&I offerings, including its AI-driven SmartData platform that surfaces insights to help increase the revenue generated by sales reps.
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